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Playa del Carmen DirectoryAs the fastest growing city in Latin America, Playa del Carmen has turned into an eclectic, cosmopolitan ever-changing tourist destination It is hard to keep up with the changes of this popular place that attracts visitors from around the world.

It is so inviting that a lot of visitors turn it into their home, and make their “sell everything and move to the Caribbean dream” a reality here.

That is why we are so lucky to have real Mexican, hospitality combined with real Italian restaurants real British Pubs and German Biergartens, owned and operated by these dreamers living their dream come true.

playa del carmen mexico hotelPlaya del Carmen is cooler and more upscale than ever before. Nicer restaurants, better looking people, the works. Zoning regulations keep the hotels smaller than Cancun, so there are dozens of boutique hotels to chose from.

Playa del Carmen is the perfect home base for travel to anywhere on the coast. Ferries run from downtown a to Cozumel all day, and it is only an hour to Cancun by bus or car (buses run continually). 10 years ago the town was just a fishing village, with the ferry pier for Cozumel and a good bus station to bring people to the ferry. The bus stations are still very active - with buses running to all parts of Mexico.

Visitors to Playa del Carmen should check out the "New 5th". The newly brick paved continuation of the "old" 5th Avenue pedestrian thoroughfare is a lovely addition to Playa. There are many newer small and medium size hotels, restaurants and shops along the new 5th.

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Much of the recent growth has been in the Ejido (the land on the land-ward side of the highway). With the flood of workers coming in for local jobs, this is where cheap land is available for inexpensive cinderblock and thatch shelter. Not much to see here for tourists, just every day life in Mexico.

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Even if you can't move, make your visit here an annual event instead of a once in a blue moon trip by considering an alternative to traditional accommodations - buy vacation property in Playa del Carmen. Timeshares for sale are a great way to own property. And because you only pay for the time you use it, they are also more affordable than buying a vacation home. Try staying in a resort, first to see if you like it.

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