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The southeastern coast of Mexico offers some of the best diving in the world. Beginning in Cozumel the barrier reef that protects the scenic beaches of Mexico's Costa Maya is the second longest barrier reef in the world, extending south all the way to Roatan, Honduras. Australia's Great Barrier Reef holds the prize as the longest reef in the world, but that is a long way from Chicago!

Thirty years ago Cancun was a little diving and fishing town with the only accommodations being a few hammocks and some rickety bungalows. Since that time there has been a world of investment and change. The once healthy fish-filled reefs around Cancun are now patches of sand with few dive sites worth the effort. Luckily for divers there happens to be about 1,200 km of barrier reef to the south of Cancun, and the further south you go, the better the diving.

Cave diving, dangerous fun

cave diving scuba extremeSo you are one of those, eh? Yes, for those technical divers who really want to explore the limits of adventure, the Yucatan is the place to be. Accepted as possibly the best spot for cave and cavern diving in the world, Mexico's limestone and coral peninsula offers an unmatched selection of underground rivers. Due to the geological makeup of this area there are hundreds of miles of underground, fresh water filled cave systems that have yet to be discovered.

If you would like to get certified as a cave or cavern diver see our cave diving page for advice. Remember that when diving in caves or caverns safety is a major concern and uncertified divers should never enter a cave or cavern.

Check out the Underwater Sculpture Museum in Cancun.

The Dive Sites of Cozumel and the Yucatan

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