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Grouper, mmmh mmmh good!Fish live in the ocean

Since you are on the beach, try the seafood dishes, too:

  • ceviche - yes everyone has told you that this raw marinated fish dish might kill you, don't worry(too much), the lime juice cooks the fish, and the mix with fresh tomatoes and onions is definitely a traditional Mexican treat. Just make sure that you eat ceviche at a place that is busy, has very fresh fish, and is near the ocean. Ceviche is also made from caracol (conch), pulpo (octopus) and camaron (shrimp). If you do not like those tiny popcorn shrimp, stick with the caracol or pulpo.
  • fresh fish - at any one of a hundred little restaurants on the beach you will be able to enjoy pescado al su gusto. You get it your way. Always ask what kind of fish they have and again make sure the fish is fresh. Your preparation choices should be: al mojo del ajo (with a great garlic sauce), empanizado (breaded with a light flour crust), ajillo (pan fried tasty crunchy garlic), or a la plancha (cooked over a grill). Any way they cook it you should be happy. Don't be surprised when they serve you the whole fish, head and all. Few places serve filet, so if you are a little squeamish about the bones and mug staring right up at you, make sure that you ask for a filete.
  • camarones - many nicer restaurants serve shrimp specials. Remember that shrimp come from the Gulf, so they will be neither fresh nor cheap. The local fish and lobster provide a fresher alternative for the price.
  • langosta - rock lobster swim all around the local reefs, they are smaller than Maine lobsters and lack the big meaty claws. Though expensive, they should be very fresh. These 11 lobsters made for a very good dinner a few weeks ago.
  • types of fish - the area is most known for dorado a.k.a. mahi mahi, perhaps the best of all possible fresh fish. When in season try to get some! Any way it is prepared you will be happy. Other good bets on local fresh fish include boquinete, mero, pargo and corvina, in that order. Tuna also swim in the area so look out for that.


local lobsters - no claws

Place of Mirrors
A woman travels through Mexico to the lost Mayan civilization in hopes of uncovering clues about her own past life.

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